The following are examples of the types of services Lorraine supplies:

Asset Tracing

Lorraine was appointed as an expert to construct the financial history of an individual involved in a fatal accident, and to analyze changes in financial position during the multi-year period prior to the accident. The asset tracing work involved the identification and review of overseas financial and property records and the reconstruction of financial position from these source documents.

Lorraine was engaged to identify amounts diverted from the U.S. trading office of an overseas company and identify customer payments diverted to a shell company. From there, Lorraine traced the funds to the overseas accounts of the perpetrators.

Lorraine has been appointed as an expert in marital dissolution cases in the state of Washington. Her responsibilities have included detailed asset tracing and account recreation with a view to identification of the sources and uses of funds across multiple bank accounts and multiple partnerships.

Business and Intangible Asset Valuation

Lorraine has extensive experience in valuing businesses and intangible assets for tax purposes, purchase price allocation, litigation, shareholder and partner disputes, family matters, creditor matters and for mergers and acquisitions. She has valued companies and assets in the U.S., South America, Hong Kong, Korea, the PRC, Taiwan, Indonesia, India, Australia and the Philippines.

Lorraine has valued a wide variety of assets and businesses. For example, she has valued power plants and telecommunications licenses in a variety of countries, railroad and other rights of way, customer lists, businesses engaged in manufacturing, wholesale and retail enterprises, as well as service providers. She has valued companies across the entire spectrum of the business life-cycle: from startups to firmly established businesses.

Lorraine provides business valuation services in the context of shareholder disputes, post acquisition disputes, marital dissolution and tortious interference claims.

Cost Auditing

Lorraine has been engaged to audit the costs of environmental cleanup matters, to apportion costs between cleanup and development, and to determine that amounts allocated are in accordance with cleanup agreements.

Lorraine has provided cost auditing services for the repair/remediation of construction defects and natural disasters.

Lorraine also provides cost auditing services for estates and trusts.

Determination of Lost Profits, Business Interruption Claims and Other Economic Damages

Lorraine has served as expert in a wide variety of lost profits and related analyses. For example:

  • She has been appointed to act on behalf of both plaintiffs and defendants in insurance matters relating to natural disasters, professional negligence, contractor-related claims, personal injury and wrongful death.
  • Lorraine’s work includes calculation of intellectual property infringement damages and she has been appointed to act as expert in calculation of damages arising from counterfeiting.
  • Lorraine has also been retained to assist in the analysis of damages suffered based on violation of employee non-compete and/or theft of customer lists.
  • She has been retained to calculate damages arising from breach of contract claims.
  • She has been retained to calculate damages arising from securities claims.

Financial Modeling and Forecasting

Lorraine has been engaged to prepare and/or analyze the financial projections of a variety of business enterprises for the purpose of business acquisition, business planning, fund raising and lending due diligence.

In addition, Lorraine has extensive experience in analyzing business projections for business valuation and lost profits calculations.

Lorraine has extensive experience in financial fraud investigation. Examples of her experience include:

  • Lorraine planned, designed and implemented two financial fraud investigations for the Hong Kong Government. These investigations spanned several years and examined allegations of fraudulent accounting. They included detailed asset and transaction tracing and considered breaches of disclosure rules and violations of the Companies Ordinance.
  • Lorraine was appointed as an expert to reconstruct the accounts of a branch office for a periodical distribution business, which resulted in a multi-million dollar claim for unreported sales against branch management.
  • Lorraine supervised a fraud audit for a resort client who suspected its management company of embezzling funds. The audit involved the recreation of accounting records from source documents, interviews with law enforcement agencies and presentation of findings to the FBI.

Process Mapping and Financial Controls Review

Lorraine has evaluated financial controls with regard to foreign currency transactions. She has also provided expert services in process mapping and improvement in a regulatory setting.

Quantitative and Economic Analysis

Lorraine planned, designed and implemented computer models and financial databases for a large US telecommunications company involved in a class action lawsuit in which the company was required to demonstrate that profits derived from a particular service line had not been excessive over a ten-year period. The court subsequently appointed the firm to assist in the calculation and distribution of the settlement to class members.

Lorraine has prepared expert reports and underlying financial models that calculate the appropriate rate of return for infrastructure projects and utilities. Her work in this area includes preparing financial forecasts and calculating the appropriate levels of consumer charges.